The Complete Guide To Stonescaping. Lark Books. 216 pgs

This handsome book explores dry-stacked and mortared stonework, introducing you to the tools of the trade and setting the stones.  Stones in a wall, a stone bench, perhaps steps and pathways. A perfect companion for anyone planning and installing a landscaped garden. A full color book that’s informative and beautifully illustrated.

Two bestselling books—now in one comprehensive volume! Together, The Art & Craft of Stonescaping and The Art & Craft of Stonework make up the best beginner-friendly guide available for anyone wanting to build stone walls (freestanding, retaining, dry-stacked or mortared), steps, benches, paths, patios, and borders. Any duplication in the tools and technique chapters has been eliminated, while a brand-new gallery of projects offers ideas and inspiration. Featuring lots of how-to photos, informative illustrations, and practical projects, this giant resource is a must-have for homeowners’ reference libraries.

More than 300 outstanding photos highlight the expressiveness of stonework from The Blue Ridge Mountains to distant lands. Illustrates a variety of techniques used to shape and set the stones using the methods of mortared and dry stone masonry.

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